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All Tied Up, NC-17, Sam/Dean
J2 made by mmaalleennkkaa
Title: All Tied Up
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2388
Disclaimer: Supernatural does not belong to me. This is not meant to offend, nor is it for profit. It is for fun only.
Warning: Wincest. First time. Bondage of sorts. Sneaky Possessive Dean. Loveable Sam.
Bizarre deal with a spirit.
Summary: A run in with a mischievous spirit leaves Sam and Dean naked, tied up and, well, let’s just say, in a provocative position. I have no idea if this is even possible, but I certainly had fun imagining it… especially when Sam and Dean were the participants!

Dedicated to devon99 and blueeyedliz for all their wonderful advice and friendship.

All Tied Up

Dean was the first to wake, blinking heavily and wondering what the hell had hit him. His head ached, and his back was a blaze of agony, something he vaguely remembered from being smashed into a book case.

Dean wriggled slightly, and grunted with the effort. The muted noise wised him up to the fact that he was gagged, and quite effectively too. A soft cloth, possibly a bandana, was jammed between his teeth and tied tightly round his head.

What the hell?

Another exploratory wriggle.

He was lying on something warm.

That something turned out to be a body, and a live one at that, Dean realized with a certain amount of relief. With some tentative tugging, he also realized that his arms circled a small waist and his wrists were secured with what felt suspiciously like handcuffs.

Alright, this is some kinky shit even for me! He thought, just as the body, with a nicely tanned and muscular back, now that he came to notice, gave out a soft, muffled whimper.

He knew that whimper.

“Ssssshhhamph?” Dean tried to call out. Gazing down at the back of his little brother’s head, it became obvious that Sam was gagged in a similar manner, but it also became apparent that the kid’s wrists were secured in some way... behind Dean’s back!

Jeez! That’s gotta be uncomfortable!

When Sam gave out another pained whimper, Dean became desperate to remove the gag. He had to know if his baby brother was ok, and so far Sam didn’t sound like he was doing too well.

Bending his head, Dean rubbed the bandana against Sam’s shoulder, gradually working it loose with his jaw and teeth. He thanked his lucky stars that whoever had done this hadn’t known much about tying knots when, finally, the cloth loosened enough for Dean to spit it out, and it hung redundantly round his neck.

“Sam?” Dean whispered, worriedly. A quick glance round the dimly lit room revealed the brothers were alone, but he didn’t want to run the risk of attracting their captor’s attention if he, or she, was somewhere nearby. “Sammy, you ok?”

“Mmmph mmphm,” Sam shook his head, and whined softly.

“S’ok, little bro,” Dean replied and leaned forward, placing a small kiss on the back of Sam’s head, like he used to do when the kid was a baby. “Just hold still. I’m gonna try and get that gag off you.”

He studied the knots in Sam’s bandana for a moment, then tentatively began pulling at it with his teeth, careful not to tighten it any more than it already was. Wicked thoughts pulled at him, whilst he continued with his task. If only he could see Sam’s face, that beautiful mouth, those sexy lips all plush around the bandana…

Nononono! This is so not the time to be thinking like that!

Not with Sam tied to him, beneath him, naked…

Dean took a small breather, trying to calm his racing heart. He’d wanted his brother for so long, ever since the kid turned sixteen and Dean found him staring at his reflection in the bathroom mirror one morning.

“Dean? Why am I so ugly?”

“Who the hell told you that?”

“Just some kids at school.”

“Don’t listen to ‘em Sam. You ain’t ugly.” Dean had grinned. “You just ain’t as good looking as me!”

Sam had laughed. “Yeah, yeah…”

The morning light had shone though the bathroom window and caught Sam’s eyes just right, head tilted back and a happy smile on his face.

Just then, Dean had realized his little brother was beautiful.

Just then, Dean had fallen head over heels…

And Sam could never know.

He carried on working away, pouring all his frustrations into the task at hand. A few minutes of patience later and the gag loosened slightly.

“Nearly there, Sam.”


Sam kept very still, not wanting to distract his brother, but it was tough going. That gloriously hard body was pressed so tightly up against his. His arms were pulled painfully behind him, round Dean’s waist, and cuffed just above the crack of Dean’s ass. If he reached down a little way, Sam was sure his fingers could caress his brother’s hole.

Sam had been in love with Dean for years, since the first moment he realized girls really held no interest for him. He’d idolised his big brother from the cradle, wanting to be just like him, but it wasn’t until he turned thirteen that he realized he wanted to look like Dean. ‘Cos Dean had these deep, emerald green eyes that sparkled when he laughed, and a body that could have been sculpted from rock, and thighs so powerful…

Jesus! His cock twitched, scraping against rough sheets stretched across the mattress under him. And it was then that he noticed something was… off, for want of a better word.

He was beginning to feel a strange sensation in his own ass, like it had been numbed, somehow, and the drug was only just wearing off. His heart began pounding, a mix of fear and excitement racing through his blood as the feeling progressed, but the clincher came when Dean suddenly announced, triumphantly, that the bandana was untied and shifted his body upwards to strip the cloth away.

“Oh my God!” Sam screamed out, as his prostate took a pounding from the movement.

He was dead certain by now. Dean’s cock was hard, erect, and well and truly buried in Sam’s hole.

“Sammy?” Dean called out in panic. “Sammy, what’s wrong? You ok? Did I hurt you? Talk to me!

He doesn’t know! Oh God he doesn’t know! Sam frantically sought an answer that would pacify his brother, but the longer he took to come up with one, the more anxious Dean sounded.

“Sammy please! Talk to me! Let me know you’re ok!”

Whatever was used to anaesthetize my… um… it must have been used on Dean’s… um… oh God what the hell do I tell him?!

Sam could feel the blood draining from his head, and wondered how that was possible, given that he was lying face down, naked, tied up, with his brother’s huge cock up his ass!

And the more the drug wore off the bigger Dean became, or so it seemed, and Sam could feel his entrance stretched tightly around the monster cock his brother had boasted about since the day he first discovered sex.

“Um… I’m ok, Dean.”

“You sure, kiddo?”

“Y-yeah, just a little disoriented.” Understatement!

“Uhuh. Well, give me a second and I’ll try and figure a way out of this…” Just don’t expect me to try too hard, ‘cos little brother… you feel so damn good under me.

Sam nodded. “Yeah, uh, Dean? You feel anything… weird?

“Like what?”

“Like, something’s numb, but gradually getting its feeling back?” Sam swallowed nervously. “Only I think we’ve been drugged somehow.”

Dean fell silent thinking about that. He began to run through a mental checklist of all his favourite body parts, starting at…

“Oh shit!” Dean yelped. “Sam, I can’t feel Little Dean!”

“Oh don’t you worry,” Sam muttered, sarcastically. “I sure can, and let me tell you, he ain’t so little either!”

There came about a stunned silence.

Dean cleared his throat, but still sounded a little hoarse when he spoke.

“Sam? Are you trying to tell me…”


Another silence.

“You sure?”



That’s all you gotta say?!” Sam exclaimed, and tugged uselessly on his bound wrists.

“I guess our ghosty sure has a sense of humour,” Dean couldn’t help the slow, lazy grin that emerged, especially when a tingling in his balls signified the return of feeling to his most valuable asset.

“Dean! Would you focus?” Sam tried so hard to ignore the twitching cock in his ass, but made a pretty lousy job of it when he ended that last syllable on a breathy sigh. When Dean shifted his weight a little, Sam found himself panting. “Oh Jesus! Please… don’t… don’t do that…”

Dean heard the weak protest for what it was, and his own excitement grew. As full feeling returned, Sam’s hole seemed to tighten, pressing on his flesh, deliciously hot and throbbing.

Oh God! I’ve gotta have him, please God forgive me, but let me have him!!!

It was everything he’d ever wanted, and Dean wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity like this. Just one thing to make sure of. He slid his cuffed hands down Sam’s stomach, immediately encountering his kid brother’s thick cock, straining and leaking pre-come. Dean pictured it angry, red and swollen, demanding release.

Oh yeah, little brother wanted in on this, even if he wouldn’t bring himself to admit it out loud.

Dean wriggled his hips again, and Sam outright groaned.

“Please…Dean…” he gasped when a warm, calloused hand wrapped around his cock and pumped ever so slowly. “Wh-what are you d-doing?”

Dean didn’t answer, just carried on with that achingly slow hand movement, up and down Sam’s cock, fingers reaching out and brushing against the velvet skin of Sam’s balls.

“Dean!” Sam cried out in pleasure. “G-gotta st-sto…” but his voice trailed off into another long, loud groan of ecstasy.

“You sure you want me to stop, Sammy?” asked Dean, his mouth by Sam’s ear, voice low and husky. “’Cos you don’t sound like you want this to end.”

“Nnnnuuuugggghhhhh!” Was all Sam could manage right then when Dean squeezed the base of his cock, denying him the orgasm he now so desperately sought. His body bucked instinctively, and Dean’s cock once again slammed into his prostate.

This time, both brothers cried out their pleasure.

“Wh-what are you doing to me?” Sam’s breathless question was rhetorical, but Dean answered him anyway.

“Squeezing you, rubbing you…” Dean slowly rotated his hips, making sure to drag his heavy cock over Sam’s prostate once more, loving the sounds his little brother made, then leaned in to Sam’s ear again. “…fucking you.” He gave a quick powerful thrust to emphasize his point.

“I can’t get us out of this Sam, not without screwing you senseless,” Dean suddenly lost all sense of teasing, and became serious. “It’s what the spirit did to all the other victims. Either fuck or stay tied. Those are the rules.”

“Th-those other p-people w-weren’t related!” Sam gasped out, feeling the sweat pooling between his shoulder blades and trickling down his back. “Surely it’s d-different for us!”

“Don’t think so. But if it’s any consolation, no one came to any harm,” Dean lowered his mouth again. “If you don’t want this, I’m not gonna force you. Just tell me to stop and I will.”

Sam shook his head. “Won’t work. Can’t pull out. S’part of the rules.”

“True enough,” Dean kissed the back of Sam’s neck and ran his tongue sensuously along the hairline, sucking at the baby soft curls. “It’s your decision, Sammy.” He paused, lifted his head and decided to come clean. What a better time, right? “But I want you to know that I’ve wanted this for a long… long time.”

Sam’s eyes widened and his heart sped up. “Y-you mean that?”

Dean froze, hearing something in Sam’s voice and not entirely sure what. “Uh… yeah?”

“Thank God!” Sam buried his head in the pillow and laughed.

“What? Wait!” Dean frowned and tightened his arms around Sam’s waist. “You mean…”

“Yeah,” Sam raised his head and twisted his neck a little so he could at least gaze into Dean’s eyes for a second. “Yes. Always,” he added softly, his own eyes shining brightly with love.

Dean sealed his mouth over Sam’s, plundering with his tongue, hand tightening on Sam’s cock, then drew back, and began to move.

“Ugh!” Sam grunted and threw his head back as Dean rocked into him again and again.

“Godammit, Sammy, you’re so tight!

“Feels so good… feel so full…” Sam groaned and whimpered and panted in time with each thrust. He felt impaled, pummelled from the inside out, and helpless under the onslaught. His brother became both his pleasure, and his torture.

The pace was rough, brutal and fast, Dean refusing to let up even for a moment, yet he kept his little brother firmly under control, never allowing him to come. He wanted this to last forever, Sam pinned beneath him, tied to him… knowing his place.

“M’never letting you go, Sammy, you hear me?” Dean growled in Sam’s ear. “Never!

Whatever Sam had hoped to say at this point was lost under a wave of pleasure-pain when Dean upped the pace, shifted a little, and drove deeper inside. All he could do was whimper helplessly in response to his brother’s constant pounding at his abused hole, burning and aching with need.

“Mine, Sammy,” Dean snapped his hips forward, each thrust sharp and quick, threatening to split Sam wide open. “You’re mine and mine alone. Understand me? Say it, and I’ll let you come.”

“I-I’m yours,” Sam panted out, desperate and needy, not knowing how much more torment he could take. “All y-yours and n-no one else’s.

“Atta boy.”

Dean released the boy’s cock at last and began stroking up and down its length.

“Come with me, Sammy, come with me…

Sam’s eyes rolled back in his head, and the brothers came together, riding out the hardest, longest and most powerful orgasm either had ever experienced.

Dean groaned loudly and collapsed against his brother’s back, out cold, whereas Sam was already lost to unconsciousness.

Whilst the boys slept the sleep of the peaceful and blissed out, the handcuffs clicked open, and melted into nothing.

Dean’s only response was to snuffle into Sam’s neck.

Sam moaned softly on being released, and immediately his brother wrapped him tighter in his arms, rolled them on to their sides, and spooned for the rest of the night.

The spirit watched them for a while with the satisfaction of a job well done.

As he was leaving, he shook his non-corporeal head. Next time, Dean, just ask him. Oh, and thanks for the two year stay of execution. A deal’s a deal after all.

He’d have moved on by then anyhow.

When the kid wriggled in his sleep, Dean threw a leg possessively across Sam’s hips, keeping him tight against his body, just in case.

Knew you were mine, Sammy.


The End.



He most certainly did eh? Bless 'im.

Cheers hon,

Love Choccy xxx


(Deleted comment)
Yep, Dean struck a deal with the ghost to get his brother in the sack. Gotta love a sneaky, loved up Dean.

Ta darlin'

Love Choccy xxx

Thanks again sweetie ♥

Completely loved this naughty little fic x

My pleasure darling.

Love Choccy xxx

Ahhhh x33 this made my birthday sweet x33

Happy birthday babes! Glad to have made your day.

Love Choccy xxx

That was, indeed, an intriguing position our boys found themselves in. It was, ummmmm, pretty damn hot. And they belong to one another body and soul. So, all's well that ends well.:)

Yep, they both had a few confessions to make, and then gave their new relationship the perfect Christening!

Love Choccy xxx

Hee Hee, this was very, erm, fulfilling :)

Great concept and I really enjoyed it! Awesome job!

Cheers babes. Nothing like having the brothers fulfilling us, eh?

Love Choccy xxx

Yummy and beautiful! Such a romantic spirit! =D

Yeah, I reckon he was related to the phantom of the opera! LOL!

Cheers hon.

Love Choccy xxx

lol, talk about surprise!buttsex! XD

Ooo, now THAT was good! Sexy and kinky and with some great banter! I just loved “Sam, I can’t feel Little Dean!” “Oh don’t you worry,” Sam muttered, sarcastically. “I sure can, and let me tell you, he ain’t so little either!” Damn right he isn't! XD Great ending too, they're cuddling, awww!

Re: lol, talk about surprise!buttsex! XD

'talk about surprise!buttsex!'

That made me laugh my bloody head off you saucy minx! Hehe!

Cheers hon.

talk about surprise!buttsex!

oh, this is SO going in my mems!!!! AFter I get out of the shower, that is.

So how long did you spend in the shower, or need I ask! LOL!

Cheers hon.

Love Choccy xxx

This was just DELICIOUS!!!

Thanks for writing and sharing! *Goes re-read*

My pleasure darling.

Cheers hon.

Love Choccy xxx

I loved this concept. And, the sexin' was very hot.

Ta darling. Glad you enjoyed it.

Cheers hon.

Love Choccy xxx

Yayz! *does a little dance* I really liked your two other fics and I've been checking your journal every week just in case you wrote another one, and you diiiiiid!

Mmmm, very hot... (I wuv bottom!Sam *does another dance* Not many people like it however, which sucks.) Dean, you sneaky little bugger! Though I don't think Sammy minded...

Hope to see more from you! =D

I do have some other projects in the pipeline... it's just a question of finding the time, I'm afraid.

Cheers hon.

Love Choccy xxx

I'm surprised Sam didn't get a dislocated shoulder with Dean moving around so much... very sexy :) I loved it!

Nah, Dean would never hurt him, though if he had I'm not sure Sam would have noticed too much. LOL!

Cheers hon.

Love Choccy xxx

Cheers hon.

Love Choccy xxx


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